Today we’re going to talk about a topic I’m very passionate about … ditching the scale! This is an area that many people struggle in. I want to give you 5 solid reasons why you should ditch the scale!

How many of us have ever gotten fixated on the number on the scale? I have a feeling most of us have at some point or another! This can be devastating on so many levels both mentally and physically. Let’s jump into why …

  1. Your scale lies to you – Your scale tells you one thing and one thing only: how much you weigh (in that exact moment, on this planet). It doesn’t recognize and can’t report on things like water retention, muscle gain, bloating, menstrual cycles, or how many carbohydrates you housed the night before. It also doesn’t reflect if you’ve started a new workout regime. Therefore, it doesn’t take into account the freak out period your body goes through. The scale is such a vague barometer for the highly sophisticated machine that is your body! Our weight is always fluctuating and the scale gives you a minuscule glimpse of what’s really going on with your body.
  2. It’s a mental mind drain – Every time you get on the scale and you’re disappointed in the number you see, what follows that? Let me guess … anger, frustration, stress, negative self-talk and maybe even some binging. It starts this ridiculous cycle that only takes us farther away from our goals. It takes us out of a space of being open to learning about how our bodies fluctuate and puts us back into tunnel vision chasing a number we’ve decided our body is supposed to be.
  3. There are healthier ways to track your progress – Instead of engaging in the mental mind suck, select different ways to track your health such as:
    • Your energy levels
    • How you feel in your clothes
    • Body fat %
    • Your vitamin/nutrient levels
    • Muscle mass
    • Body measurements
    • New habits you’ve created
    • Fitness goals you’re accomplishing
  4. Thin doesn’t = healthy – How you store and carry fat has a great deal to do with genetics. Often times, lean people may lack visible body fat under the skin because it is being stored deeper inside the body, around the organs, and in the muscles. Being thin does not mean your body is receiving all of the carbs, fat, protein, vitamins and nutrients it needs to obtain optimal health. Seemingly healthy individuals can still lack muscle and have health issues like high cholesterol or blood pressure, a weakened immune system, digestive issues, or be prediabetic. If you focus on fueling your body with essential nutrients, your body will transform into it’s healthiest state guaranteed. 
  5. Muscle is more dense than fat – Yes it’s true that 1 pound of muscle weighs the same as 1 pound of fat, however, they do not take up the same amount of space. Muscle is more dense than fat so when you replace 10 pounds of fat with 10 pounds of muscle you will still weigh the same but you will look much leaner. This is not something the scale will tell you and instead of celebrating that awesome progress, you’ll be beating yourself up because the number on the scale is not moving. This is why it’s far more accurate to track your body fat%, lean muscle mass, and body measurements. 

We had a number of members experience this first hand in our recent North Corner Studios Summer Body Challenge. At the end of the challenge, some individuals weight had either gone up or stayed close to the same. However, when you took a closer look, they had dropped body fat and gained muscle. Two great examples of this were Megan and Steve. 

Megan – Gained .2lbs but lost 2.1% body fat and gained 2.2% muscle. 

Steve – Gained 1.5lbs but lost 2.1% body fat and gained 2.2 % muscle. 

If Megan and Steve were solely focused solely on a scale, chances are they would be feeling defeated. So the moral of this story is … ditch the scale! When you are doing the kind of workouts we’re doing at NCS, you have to adjust your mindset to that of an athlete (because yes — you all are!) Focus more on learning how to give your body everything it needs — physically and mentally. There are so many others ways to track your progress that are healthier and more accurate. You are much more than a number … embrace and celebrate it!