I sent Jeff Onorato a text this morning and asked him if he had any topic ideas for our next blog. He replied, “how about something along the lines of overcoming fears when starting something new.” Being that I’m a certified life coach so this immediately resonated with me. I thought I would share with you 5 tips to help you overcome your fears when starting something new because let’s face it … it can be pretty scary sometimes! 

5 tips when starting something new: 

1. Be prepared. The whole reason starting something new is scary is because we tend to be scared of change and the unknown. The more prepared you are, the better you’ll feel heading into it. So start to prepare for your new adventure! Ask yourself, “what do I need to do to feel mentally and physically prepared for this?”

2. Get your mindset in check. When it comes down to it, your mindset is the most important part. Our minds are incredibly powerful! What we think in our minds, manifests into reality. You can’t expect to have a positive experience with a negative mindset. Affirmations are an awesome tool in combating fears. Say affirmations in the present tense and say them out loud. “I am” statements are excellent to use with your affirmations as well. When you find your fears being triggered, combat your fearful statement with an affirmation or an I am statement. For example: 

“I can’t do that” = “I can do this”

“I am weak” = “I am strong”

“That looks too hard” = “That looks new and exciting.”

Your mindset will manifest the experience you will have so be sure to put it in check before you get started. 

3. Get curious. Curiosity breeds excitement so find out whatever you can about your new adventure. Ask questions, talk to people who have done it or are doing it and do your own research as well. Be like a little sponge soaking up all of the info that you can so you’re ready to rock when it’s time! 

4. Be patient. I know we all want to master things overnight but slow your roll. There is a learning curve to starting anything new so give yourself space and permission to figure it out. Beating yourself up and negative self-talk will never get you positive results to be gentle and patient with yourself. You’ll get the hang of it a lot faster if you do.

5. Get excited. Last but not least … get excited!! This combines tips 1-4 into the final important ingredient … excitement! It’s up to YOU whether you choose fear or excitement so what do you want to choose? A small amount of fear is healthy and can be used in a positive way if you allow it to move you forward and not hold you back. Get excited to try something new, challenge yourself, test your limits, and open up new possibilities. If it ends up not being for you it’s ok … but at least you know and you tried something new.  

These tips are especially applicable to our North Corner Studio community. We are days away from opening the doors to something completely new (and slightly scary) for us all. We will all be trying new things, stepping out of our comfort zones, testing our limits, and getting uncomfortable … but we’ll be doing it together! 

If you have not yet joined our community and are curious how you can push through your fears and try something new, click here to contact us.