Instructor Led Cardio Blast

Join us for a cardio blast while jamming to your favorite music! Let loose and clear your mind of the outside world as you jump, sprint, and ride into a 30 minute, 45 minute, or 60 minute calorie burning session that will not only challenge you, but keep you smiling from start to finish. Who said cardio has to be a burden? Let’s do this together!


Functional Strength Training For All Fitness Levels

With a strong outside, we also need to be sure we focus on the inside. Our instructor led strength classes will help you improve your muscular and skeletal strength. These innovative resistance based routines are continuously being developed by our staff of certified trainers, to ensure your body never hits a plateau and is always being challenged in new ways. With options to modify or substitute as needed, these strength routines can be done by individuals at any fitness level.


Custom Easy to Follow Meal Guides

You know the saying “abs are made in the kitchen”?  As a member of NCS you will be given a custom meal guide that is super easy to follow and becomes a lifestyle.  You will be able to capitalize on your results by properly fueling your body for exercise as well as provide your body the food it needs to recover quickly and efficiently.

Fitness management software
Fitness management software