Our Velocity classes are quickly gaining in popularity at North Corner Studios. What’s really fun for us to watch is how many people are cycling for the first time and loving it! We’ve been receiving a lot of questions regarding cycling shoes so I thought I’d address some of them in today’s blog. 

Cycling shoes vary in cost depending on where you purchase them but I think a good average amount you can expect to spend is around $100. That’s not chump change and one of the questions we hear most often is, “are cycling shoes really necessary?” Although they are not required, we absolutely recommend them, especially for anyone who plans on cycling regularly. Here’s why …


Unlike typical sneakers, cycling shoes have a very stiff sole so that the power produced by your leg muscles goes straight to the pedal instead of being absorbed by the cushion of the shoe. This makes it easier to pedal, which means you’re able to amp up the resistance more than you could while wearing non-cycling shoes.


If you wear sneakers on the bike, you need to make a conscious effort to stay in the proper position. Since cycling shoes lock into place, they don’t slip around, which means you’re more likely to stay aligned. This will allow you to avoid ankle, knee, and hip injuries.


Another advantage of clipping in is that it keeps your feet more comfortable. People who have bigger shoe sizes have a hard time keeping the balls of their feet over the center of the pedals and end up pedaling with their toes, which doesn’t feel good. On the other hand, people with smaller feet tend to put their feet all the way into the cages that go over the pedals, which means the arches of their feet are over the center of the pedals; that also doesn’t feel so great. Clipping in means avoiding either of those situations.

Muscle Building 

Cycling shoes can also help you target your glutes and core better during your workout.  Since cycling shoes fix your feet into place, it takes a lot of stress off other parts of your body that aren’t necessary for the workout, like your hip flexors and shoulders, for example, and therefore improves the quality of your sweat session.  

The next questions we get, deal with what brand to purchase and where to find them. I want to start by saying, every shoe manufacturer fits differently and will have a unique sizing chart. You may try on one brand and be a certain size and try on another brand and be 3 sizes bigger. It will also depend on how narrow or wide your foot is as well. This may play into deciding where you want to purchase your shoes from. 


If you decide you’d like to try them on in person, a few local spots you can check out are:

  • REI 
  • Bicycle Centres – There is a Silver Lake, Snohomish and Everett Location. I’ve been told they carry more sizes and options at the Everett location, so if you have a smaller or larger foot, I’d recommend starting there. 
  • Performance Bicycle in Lynwood 


If you decide to order online, be sure to look at the manufacturers sizing charts. A few places we recommend are:

  • Amazon 
  • REI 
  • Performance Bicycle 
  • Zappos 


The next component of your cycling shoes is your cleats. Most shoes do not come with the cleats and you’ll need to buy them separately. At North Corner Studios our Velocity and Peloton bikes are compatible with SPD and Look Delta cleats. 

We hope you find this information helpful and if you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to chat with an NCS staff member next time you’re in. If you haven’t tried one of our Velocity classes yet and would like to, give us a call at (425) 374-8785 or email us here.