If you follow us on social media, you saw our exciting announcement this week that our bikes are in! This can only mean one thing … it’s almost time to experience Velocity!

There will be three class lengths to choose from. Within that time you will experience resistance-style riding through rolling hills, high-intensity interval training in downhill and flat ground sprints. With various focuses and themes, these sessions will ensure you soul-searching freestyle rides to some of your favorite songs! You will also continue to burn calories for up to 24 hours following your ride.   

Whether you are a seasoned rider or just getting started, you will be able to take this class. What makes cycling such a wonderful workout for everyone is it gets your heart rate up but remains low impact. Higher impact workouts that include running and jumping put stress on your joints and are more likely to cause injuries. Since cycling is a low impact workout it’s much better for all your joints, as well as your back. This makes it a great workout for people of all ages! 


This is a great workout for your body but we are equally as excited about what it will do for your mind! I sat down and spoke with our Master Trainer, Leah Laurtizen.  Leah is pumped to coach Velocity and enforced that she wants the room to be a space where you can honor wherever you’re at. Whether you come to class feeling stressed, irritated, powerful, happy or sad, you will be empowered to go inward and tap into your inner strength. The NCS coaches are excited and ready to meet you in YOUR space and bring out your inner greatness. 

The Velocity room will also have a different feel from the rest of the studio. We’re not going to share all of our secrets before we officially open our doors. However, know you’ll be stepping into a zen zone! 

The Bikes

We are not cutting any corners in offering our members the best! We have a room full of Schwinn’s top of the line, Carbon Blue bikes. These bikes are designed for comfort and can be adjusted to fit your needs. They were created to give you an authentic riding experience. 

There are many reasons we are excited to be bringing this to North Corner Studios. Get ready to experience Velocity!