In this weeks blog post I wanted to introduce our newest NCS family members, Zeke and Lisa! Zeke has come on board as a trainer at NCS. If you haven’t jumped in one of his Bootcamp or Velocity classes, take a look at the schedule and find a time when you can come to one. Zeke’s wife, Lisa, also has a background in fitness and will be teaching her first class this Wed. I thought this would be a great opportunity to get to know both of them a little better.

Meet Lisa

Born in Everett, Washington, Coach Lisa has had a lifelong passion for fitness, from lifting to roller derby she has dedicated her life to caring for her health and those of others. Her specialties are meal prepping and creating workouts designed specifically for women. Here are additional certifications she holds.

* In the process of obtaining Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) 
* TRX Certified
*Kropp 3D Special Instructor (Functional Training)
* Bootcamp Revolution Co-Creator/Master Trainer (Functional Training)
* G.A.L co-Creator/Master Trainer (Functional Training)

Favorite quote: “Everything you do in life stems from the relationship you have with yourself” – Michelle Marcos

Lisa will be coaching her 30-minute G.A.L express class this Wed @ 6:30 PM. G.A.L is an exclusive class for women that focuses on glutes, abs, and legs. Her class is already full but secure your spot on the waitlist today! Stay tuned for more classes in the future. 

Meet Zeke 

We are thrilled to welcome Zeke to our NCS training staff! He will be teaching regular Bootcamp and Velocity classes for now but stay tuned because he has a lot of cool things he wants to bring to NCS. He was born in Argentina and comes to us with a unique style that is different from our current trainers. 

Born in Argentina, Coach Zeke has 15+ years of experience in the fitness industry and 20+ years of experience in Martial arts.

His specialty is Group Fitness and Combat Conditioning and he also has the following backgrounds:

* Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
* TRX Certified
* Functional Training Coach
* Kropp 3D Master Trainer (Functional Training)
* Bootcamp Revolution Co-Creator/Master Trainer (Functional Training)
* G.A.L co-Creator/Master Trainer (Functional Training)
* Taekwondo Black Belt (ITF/WTF)
* Kapap Level 1 Instructor (Avi Nardia Combatives/IKF)

Favorite Quote: “For those who fight for it life has a flavor the sheltered will never know” – Theodore Roosevelt

Ask Zeke

I also asked Zeke 15 questions that were submitted by our members. Let’s see what his answers were …

  1. Red Vines or Twizzlers? We don’t have either in my country so I don’t have a real preference, I cant taste the difference yet as I haven’t had them enough since I got to the US 😛
  2. What’s your favorite 90s jam? Definitely and categorically “De Musica Ligera” by Soda Stereo (Argentinean Rock –
  3. How long have you been a fitness trainer? 16 years! time flies! (either as my main job or my secondary income)
  4. What is your go-to “cheat meal/food?” I have the hardest time deciding between Pizza and Burgers! I do feel less guilty when its a burger! – Little fact about me, no matter where I go to eat, whether a s***hole or a 5-star restaurant I will order a burger 😛
  5. Why did you want to become a trainer and what is your favorite thing about your job? I was spending so much time working out and helping friends get into working out that it seemed like the logical step for me. I love that when its done right and with the right people it doesn’t feel like work at all, it feels more like hanging out with friends while helping them achieve their goals.
  6. What motivates you to get out of bed every morning? My wife and daughter, every breath I take, every move I make, every decision I come to is thinking about them and for them… they are 100% my fuel 😀
  7. Who wins in a fight? Old Jackie Chan vs. Old Chuck Norris? Well… Chuck Norris has a kick ass beard and Jackie Chan can’t even grow a beard… make your own conclusion 😉 jajajajaja
  8. What is your 3rd favorite reptile? Galapagos Tortoise, because my 1st is Komodo Dragon and second Crocodylus Porosus (or Saltwater Crocodile), this question is actually spot on because I love Dinosaurs and Reptiles are the closest to Dinosaurs… Except for snakes, F*** snakes! 😛
  9. What are you most excited to bring NCS? Honestly, my Guerrilla Workout programs that Lisa and I designed. We haven’t yet been able to use these systems to their full potential, so we are excited to share them with everybody at NCS.
  10. Tell us about your love for motorcycles  What can I say… Harleys make me happy, I can have the shittiest day but if I got to ride my Harley nothing bad matters. It’s a passion I share with my wife and a lifestyle that we adore following 🙂
  11. How did you meet Lisa? I came to the US to bring my Guerrilla Workout training to a Roller Derby League in Seattle and Lisa was on one of the teams. I clearly remember the owner asking me not to date the skaters, I just couldn’t help myself with her, too much in common jejeje 😛
  12. Tell us more about your cycling background and style … I am old school when it comes to cycling. To me, it’s all about the pedaling, the different speeds, and resistance by following the music. This is like the old spinning and Les Mills RPM, which is how I got started cycling in 2005.
  13. How does life here compare to life in Argentina? OMG, it’s so different! But the 2 biggest differences are the food and the human contact. Food over there is RIDICULOUSLY good! (Ask Lisa, she dies every time she goes)… and contact with people is another world, hugs, and kisses everywhere, much like Italy, We are not latinos over there, our roots are predominantly from Europeans and we take after them when it comes to human interactions and food… Also, I MISS MY BIDET! 🙂 😛
  14. Toilette paper … over or under? FUCKEN OVER! there is a special place in hell for “unders”! Jejeje
  15. What’s the name of your blog and what do you write about? Motorcycle Meditations, I write about what comes to mind while I ride, which happens to be my personal meditation 😀 (can’t wait for riding season to start writing!)


The very best things for your body and mind when it comes to your fitness regime is variety! Every trainer will have a different background and style. At NCS we are so proud to offer such an awesome variety of coaches. Both Zeke and Lisa will make a great addition! 

We challenge you to take a new class this week from a trainer you’ve never worked with and be sure to introduce yourself to Zeke and Lisa when you see them!

Welcome Zeke & Lisa