North Corner Studios is teaming up with the Comfort and Encourage Project to give back to our community. Prior to us opening our doors, we were talking about how we could weave giving back with changing lives. 

We discovered that one of our own members, Courtni, co-founded a non-profit with her friend Dedie called the Comfort and Encourage Project. These women are passionate about helping people and doing community outreach projects. They do everything from assembling and distributing compassion bags to community cleanups to helping Veterans. We instantly knew that we could help these ladies make a bigger impact and wanted to help.

On Sunday the 25th we will be holding our first charity drive at the studio with the Comfort and Encourage Project. Our goal is to make 25 lunches and 50 compassion bags filled with essentials. We just posted the list yesterday and we’ve already gotten an awesome response! There are three ways that you can get involved …

  1. Sign up to donate items on this list – we will have a collection bin at the studio all week for you to drop off items. 
  2. You can donate funds at the front desk all week or you can purchase a compassion bag on their website at
  3. You can join us on Sunday the 25th @ 11 AM to help us assemble all the bags. 

I also wanted to share more about the Comfort and Encourage Project. Let’s get to know more about this awesome cause …

“Comfort and Encourage Project is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) organization serving the homeless community of the Greater Western Washington Area, which includes Snohomish and King County.  Our Board of Directors has come together with the purpose of preventing and alleviating human suffering. Our inspiration comes through the collaboration to help individuals whose lives are struggling with challenges that are currently hard to recover from.  We have decided as an organization that we will bring all of our experience and resources together to provide assistance to people without regard to their race or religious affiliation and that we would be governed by a people who would be an asset to the community.

CEP’s Board and volunteers are committed to providing their expertise and CEP resources to help those in crisis identify the options that are available to them at times when they feel they have none. At times, like these, this can be alleviated through one on one contact with short term and long term planned assistance. In some cases, homeless individuals personal crisis may take longer to address, such as in the areas of substance abuse and mental health. We believe that in order to change lives and create a safe and welcoming community we must work together and face the issues of hunger, homelessness and interpersonal violence together which can prevent people from reaching their fullest potential.

CEP founder Dedie Davis began by addressing the most basic human needs of food and daily supplies.  As the homeless community continues to grow, CEP services will expand to meet those needs. Hunger and homelessness continue very much to be major issues today. Services in the near future will also include a comprehensive drug prevention and intervention program to include the whole family—women, men, and children. In addition, an all-inclusive community-wide resource guide as well as other avenues of support.  Community support groups sponsored by CEP   are essential to people who have lost their sense of self and self-worth. Most recently, CEP has connected with local law enforcement in hopes of creating trusting relationships within the homeless community.  Today, each of our current and future programs addresses the mission of CEP: to alleviate hunger, homelessness and interpersonal violence in order to help individuals achieve self-sufficiency.”

Let’s show the Comfort and Encourage Project how our community comes together to support an awesome cause! Pick one of the three methods to show your support (or all three!) NCS is proud to stand behind this cause and give back to our community.