This week is THE week … it’s the grand opening of North Corner Studios. Many of you have been watching for months as we planned and worked hard. You’ve watched it come together from day one when it was an old Chinese Buffet to today in what is now our gorgeous state of the art fitness facility. All of the months of hard work have all come down to this moment as we begin our mission to empower as many people as possible!

We hosted mock classes over the weekend and could not be more pleased with how everything went. We want to thank all of the members that came in over the weekend to try out our classes and offer us feedback. You’re an integral part of our family and we cannot thank you enough for all of the love and support you’ve shown us on our journey so far. The energy you brought into the studio this weekend, was off the charts! Here is a picture of our very first NCS class.

First NCS Class

Now that we are officially open, it’s time to spread the word (which our community is amazing at!) We have all kinds of cool options for people who want to give us a try.

Current Promotions 

  • Free 5 pack class for anyone that wants to try our classes. 
  • Complimentary Velocity, boot camp or around the world (combo) class for you and 10 of your friends! Options are:
    • Velocity Tuesday @ 5:30 PM
    • Strength or combo class Saturday @ 10 AM
  • Pay $135 for your first month and $99 for your next 3 months.
  • Have a family member join you for only $99 per month (for the lifetime of their membership).

Don’t worry, we’ve got a special incentive for our members to spread the word. If you refer 5 people who join our NCS family, you will receive 1 month for FREE!

The one consistent piece of feedback we received this weekend was “wow what a workout!” and “man that was fun!” Exactly what we want to hear.

Over the weekend we sampled our around the world class which was a HUGE hit! This class is split between our strength and velocity room, giving you an incredible full body workout. On Sunday master trainer, Leah Lauritzen, launched her Move 60 class too. This class allows you to let loose, dance, and torch a ton of calories at the same time. 

This week we will be releasing ALL of our classes including Bootcamps, Around the world, Velocity, Move 60 and Thursday evening yoga with Andrea McLaughlin. If you can’t make it to a class or would rather workout solo, don’t forget about our open gym option too. Judging by this weekend, we are on to amazing things at North Corner Studios!

Bring your friends and family by this week to try a free 5 class pack and take advantage of our awesome grand opening deals. We’ll have the tent out and would love to show you around. We are thrilled our doors are finally open – it’s time to get to work!