2018 is rapidly approaching and I’m going to mention a phrase that tends to make skin crawl … new years resolution. The phrase that can elicit motivation and panic all at the same time! How many times have you hit the new year with a list of ways you are going to change your life, only to get frustrated and quit in record time? It doesn’t have to be that way. I want to share with you helpful tip tips that will help you ROCK 2018!

I see four common mistakes which are taking on too much at once, having unrealistic expectations, not having a complete plan and not having the proper support and accountability in place. Here are my top tips for avoiding these common mistakes and reaching all of your goals in 2018.

  1. Set small goals. Instead of being fixated on the destination, focus on the small daily steps it will take to get there. Let’s take a weight loss goal of 50 pounds for example. Instead of becoming obsessed with reaching that 50-pound mark, concentrate on 5 pounds at a time. Each time you reach 5 pounds, stop to celebrate your progress and adjust your plan for the next 5 pounds.
  2. It’s not just about the destination. Instead of racing to your goal with blinders on, slow down and grow into your goal. What do I mean by that? Let’s stick with the 50-pound weight loss goal we used above. Do you want to race to the finish line and reach your 50-pound goal only to turn right around and gain it back and then some? Or would you rather slow down and learn about fitness, nutrition, and personal development along the way? This way when you reach your goal, you’ve changed your lifestyle permanently. Choose to grow into the person you need to be to live your goal.
  3.  Know your WHY. There will be days that are hard, days you want to quit, and days you make mistakes. Being connected to your WHY is what will pull you through these times. Get as detailed as possible when pinpointing your why. WHY do you want this? Why is it so important?
  4. Whole mind/Whole body. You have heard us mention our whole mind/whole body approach at North Corner Studios. We believe that optimum well being is not just about working out and eating healthy. Optimum health includes mental and emotional well being too. It all goes hand in hand to create a balanced healthy lifestyle. You can eat well and workout regularly but if you are living a lifestyle that includes things like stress, negative self-talk, and unhealthy mindsets, you will continue to struggle. Incorporate personal development into your health plan and see what a difference it makes.
  5. Support and accountability. The key to any successful plan is having the proper support and accountability in place. You know yourself best. Ask yourself, “What are the areas I struggle in?” “Where do I need the most support?” and “What does my accountability need to look like?” After you’ve narrowed down what you need, put it in place. We are so excited to be able to offer this key component to all of our North Corner Studios family members!

If you apply these 5 tips when setting your goals for 2018, I know they will support you in being successful. When you adopt the right mindsets and work on your whole self, not only will you reach your goals but you will exceed them in ways you weren’t even expecting.

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Here’s to optimum health in 2018! 

2018 Goal Setting