Welcome to the North Corner Studio’s blog! This will be the spot to hear more about North Corner Studio happenings, get to know our fitfam, and gain knowledge to support you on your journey.

Since this is our first blog post we want to address the question,

“What is North Corner Studios?”

North Corner Studios is a boutique fitness studio focused on cardio, strength, and recovery. Our whole mind whole body approach includes cycling, functional strength training, and group fitness classes. We also offer an all-day open gym if you ever want to add to your current routine or workout on your own. Our mission is to empower people to achieve whatever goals they have set and to provide them with the tools and support to do so.

So let’s break down what that means in regards to what we’ll be offering …

Functional Strength Training

Functional strength training is resistance based exercises to improve your strength and functionality of the muscles you use in everyday living. There are many benefits to this type of training including:

  • Improves the ability to walk, run, jump, bend, stand, sit, push, pull and lift 
  • Increased flexibility and coordination
  • Improved balance and posture
  • Reduced joint pain
  • Increased skeletal strength and density (key in the aging process!!!)
  • Reduced risk of injury

This is not just about weight loss, although that’s a benefit too! In fact, the older you get the more important this type of training becomes. As we age we begin to lose bone density and are more susceptible to injuries. Functional strength training will help you slow down the aging process, increase your bone density, keep your joints healthy, your body will stay strong and will keep you functioning at your best.


Get ready because our cycling classes will not only offer both cardio and resistance training but will inspire you to your core at the same time! These instructor-led cycling classes will offer you the perfect mix of cardio and resistance that YOU control. You will have the ability to adjust your speed, resistance, and intensity to fit your specific needs.

Something you may not know about cycling is it’s a much lower impact workout than many other workouts. Take for example running on a treadmill, every time your foot leaves the treadmill and comes back down you are causing stress to your joints. When you are cycling your foot never leaves the pedal. This makes it less stressful on your ankles, knees, hips, and back.

Classes will be held in a darker atmosphere and really facilitate a meditative state, giving you the opportunity for self-exploration.

Talk about a fun and fierce workout! Get ready to take it up a level …

Group Fitness

Our group exercise classes will vary depending on the needs, wants, and demands of our members.  We continue to

explore options and styles to ensure we bring you the best of the best.  Our class schedule will evolve based on feedback from our members and will make sure we always keep things new and fresh.

Two classes, we are excited to offer are group yoga and dance classes. Once we open our doors, be sure to try these classes so you can give us your feedback. We want to know what you’re liking, as well as what you’d like to see more of.

Open Gym

For those of you who are not into group classes and would prefer to do your own thing or if your schedule doesn’t allow for a

group class on certain days, we will have an all-day open gym option just for you. Come in whenever you want and workout in our open gym area. It will have everything you need to get a great workout in. There will also be a trainer designed “workout of the day” posted that you can follow if you’d like.

Stay tuned for amazing things to come! If you haven’t already claimed your FREE 5 class pass, you can do so by visiting our website at https://www.northcornerstudios.com/ 

To see a video of what we’re all about click here

Last but not least we’re excited to announce that our sign is officially up! Looking up at this EPIC sign we can feel things starting to get real! We are busy at work behind the scenes designing all of our workouts and making big plans for North Corner Studios. It’s almost time to open our doors and officially start helping all of you charge your goals.